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I cannot say enough about Dr. Kristen! Not only did she help me during my pregnancy and postpartum, she has been outstanding with my daughter. Dr. Kristen noticed my daughter had a lip and tongue tie and helped guide me on getting a second opinion. Her findings were confirmed. After her surgery, Dr. Kristen helped my daughter, not only with adjustments, but also helped with the “relearning” of how to latch while feeding. Besides being a well educated/talented Chiropractor, she truly cares about what she does and the well being of her patients.

-Kelly L.

Patrick H.

I have visited several Chiropractors in Shakopee and I finally found one that I completely trust. Dr. Kristen is very knowledgeable and best of all, very trustworthy. After an extensive search to find a Chiropractor to treat chronic soreness in my neck, I finally found one I am comfortable with. I wont go anywhere else. I send all of my friends her way.

Kasey P.

Dr. Kristen is very personable and great with kids! She has a very gentle approach, which is comforting to me as a mom. She was very thorough and explained how chiropractic care can improve health for my entire family.

Tyler P.

I had a great experience here! Dr. Kristen does a fantastic job. I highly recommend anyone in the area looking for a chiropractor to visit her office. My neck pain and low back discomfort are gone!

Kirsten N.

Dr. Kristen is an amazing chiropractor. She cares for her patients on the deepest level and works tirelessly in order to get results. Dr. Kristen also specializes in pediatric and pregnancy care. Her healing touch has done wonders to help many children and their families within the community. If you are looking for a kind, caring, and competent family chiropractor, Dr. Kristen is your gal!

Thea T.

Dr Kristen is wonderful! She is very helpful with my family and keeping us healthy. I recommend her for any family!

Luke J.

Dr Kristen does a great job of working with you as an individual and helping you heal in the way your body needs to. It's great having a holistic practitioner nearby. I'd recommend her to anyone.

ShaRhae M.

Dr. Kristen is a wonderful resource and Chiropractor. She is very knowledgeable in her approach to care for the whole family. I would highly recommend her.

Danielle F.

This chiropractic office really does help your family be happier through better health. My kids [almost] never get sick because they get adjusted regularly! And the doctor really "gets" families because she has kids too!

Matt F.

Dr. Kristen is awesome. She knows what she's talking about and talks you you like a person and not over your head. The clinic has a great feel to it as well. It's a welcome change. Can't wait to go back!

Nathan W.

Dr. Kristen Hager is a wonderful Chiropractor who cares tremendously about her patients. She takes the time and listens and has a passion that is easy to see and understand. She works with your body to see what it needs on every given adjustment and has other exercises to help your individual care program work for you. Highly recommended!!!!!